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Where a Majority of Catastrophic Car Accidents Take Place

Car accidents are still a leading cause of catastrophic injuries and fatalities on Pennsylvania roads. Every time a person climbs inside a vehicle, they are at risk of suffering a serious collision. Even though there are many preventative measures that parties can take so that these accidents do not occur, there are some areas where these accidents are more likely to occur. (more…)

Bicycle Accidents in Florida: FAQ

Bicycle accidents are some of the most severe collisions that take place on our roads every year. In 2018 in the entire U.S., over 850 bicyclists lost their lives, with several of these accidents taking place in Pennsylvania. Because bicyclists have few protections against other motor vehicles, an accident can easily lead to catastrophic and even fatal results. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, it is essential that you understand your [...]