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Our Philadelphia Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers knowledgeable and experienced legal representation for victims who have been injured by the negligence of another. After a free initial consultation, our personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia will complete a thorough investigation into your accident and the extent of your injuries to determine the value of your personal injury claim. Our Philadelphia PA personal injury attorney make every effort to negotiate with the parties responsible for your injuries and settle your claim for a just amount. If a settlement cannot be reached, however, our best personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia are experienced trial litigators, fully prepared to pursue your lawsuit in court.

We have obtained significant recoveries for our clients through both settlements and verdicts across all areas of our practice. Our personal injury attorney in Philadelphia will vigorously pursue your case and take all possible steps to bring your claim to a favorable conclusion. Contact Our personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia PA At Edelstein Martin & Nelson – Personal Injury Lawyers Philadelphia. Our personal injury attorney in Philadelphia PA ready to answer all of your questions. Call (215) 731-9900 (toll free: 800-300-0909) or submit an online inquiry.

Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney is a kind of public litigator that offers lawful assistance to complainants that are pleading physical or emotional trauma as the result of the irresponsible or reckless acts of another individual, entity, or association.

Personal injury attorneys are not merely legal counselors that deal with cases concerning legal claims filed in opposition to other people. They can furthermore work with circumstances that involve injury claims opposing to agencies who have neglected to fulfill their juridical obligations. These professionals also possess the capability required to protect their client’s legal rights.

Terms used in personal injury cases:

  • Accidents

An unwanted or unfavorable occurring that takes place accidentally as well as generally leads to harm, injury, destruction, or death.

This kind of happening causing damage that remains in no other way the fault of the wounded individual for which settlement or indemnity is lawfully looked for.

  • Attorney

Attorneys sustain clients, which might be civilians or organizations, with legal guidance and may represent them in civil or criminal trials. These jurists may similarly be referred to as lawyers.

  • Compensation 

A pecuniary solution that is granted to an individual who has endured an injury to restore the loss brought on by stated damage, such as personal accident settlement.

  • Injury

Injury, likewise known as physical trauma, is an impairment to the body as a result of external pressure. This might be triggered by casualties, slip and fall, hits, weapons, and various other reasons. Significant trauma is an injury that has the possible to create long term disability or fatality.

  • Legal Case

A legal case is merely a general sense disagreement in between speaking against parties which might be settled by a court, or by some equal justice. A legal claim is generally based upon either civil or criminal regulation.

Why you should trust our Philadelphia personal injury attorney?

We have the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer

Each day, as a substantial part of our law practice, we encounter and interact with a wide variety of individuals intending to choose the most suitable practical strategies to assist them and making an effort to establish a connection based upon trust. The challenge is, trust can not be developed promptly. However, it can be instantaneously demolished by your behaviors. Establishing trust in law practice mandates expertise along with ethical and moral integrity.

Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have a high-quality experience of individual injury cases. Edelstein Martin and Nelson attorneys recognize precisely how to test and might even reduce proofs. You might not know that some documentation was not appropriately acquired. An experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney will certainly have the ability to resolve the evidence and challenge sections that do not make good sense. Our lawyers have connections with private investigators and reliable witnesses to support the claim of our client.

Common types of claim:

  • Automobile accident

An automobile accident, also described as a “traffic collision”, takes place when a motor vehicle hits or crashes another car, a fixed object, a pedestrian, or an animal. Although some auto incidents lead only to property destruction, others cause severe damages or fatality. Numerous aspects can contribute to car accidents, and in some cases, such misfortunes have legal consequences.

  • Fatal Accidents

A fatal accident is an unexpected event that typically has undesirable or unwanted results, other times being inconsequential. The incident of this kind of a case may or may not have unknown or unaddressed dangers resulting in its cause. It is also a casualty that leads to someone’s death.

  • Medical Accidents

A medical accident is an avoidable unpleasant result of treatment, whether or not it appears dangerous to the patient. This might consist of imprecise or insufficient medical diagnosis or procedure of a health issue, injury, disorder, behavior, complication, or some other ailments.

What concerns should you ask a personal injury lawyer?

Getting compensation for your inquiries and also other damages after an unfortunate accident can be considerably challenging.

Considering a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer might be the most crucial decision of your overall case. If you plan to hire a personal injury attorney, you will need to do some investigation and come organized with all the right questions to ask.

Below are some questions you can ask your PA personal injury lawyer:

  • The number of personal injury cases they have taken care of in your country for your kind of accident or problem? Do various other legal representatives refer circumstances to them?
  • Do you feel comfortable speaking with them about specific information about your case? Do they address your concerns to your contentment? Ask the way and exactly how frequently they will keep in touch with you about your case.
  • Ask when your claim will be filed and the length of time they expect it will take. See to it that they do not have a lot of pending cases currently. These professionals can not dedicate proper time to yours.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers

Representing Victims Of Personal Injuries In Pennsylvania And Delaware

Negligence claims do not require the intent to cause harm. Even if your injuries were caused accidentally by another, or if your own actions contributed to your injuries, you may still have the right to receive compensation. Personal injury victims are often entitled to receive compensation for past and future medical treatment, rehabilitation or long term care, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and property damage. The injury lawyer in Philadelphia at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, LLP diligently advocate for our clients, seeking to hold all responsible parties accountable and to ensure our clients receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

Personal injury claims result from a wide range of accidents and may be caused by the negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior of an individual, business or governmental entity. Our best personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, LLP handles all types of personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson’s practicing partner Lawren Nelson appeared on the WWDB-AM program “Legal Matters” hosted by Joe Dougherty on August 11, 2018 to discuss the issues facing their clients and the legal profession.  Listen to the show here.

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

You are not lawfully necessitated to have a lawyer work with your injury claim. You can submit all the required documents on your own as well as defend yourself in court. On the other hand, your possibilities of succeeding in your case and obtaining the settlement you are entitled to are much higher if you employ a knowledgeable Philadelphia personal injury lawyer.

What does personal injury attorneys do?

A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer generates lawful guidance to people who have to endure being hurt in an accident. Personal injury attorneys operate in tort legislation that includes irresponsible serves as willful acts. They pursue settlement for accident victims.

Most individuals understand that if you are injured in some accident, a personal injury attorney can help you compensate for your injuries. However, the majority of personal injury accident lawyers can deal with beyond vehicle accident cases. The attorneys at the Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, LLP handle various practice areas under personal injury law. If another individual or an organization injured you, get in touch with our firm for evaluation.

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