York, PA – Multiple People Injured in Bus Accident at E Market St & N Harrison St

York, PA – Multiple People Injured in Bus Accident at E Market St & N Harrison St

York, PA (May 2, 2023) – Several people were injured in a transit bus accident that took place at an intersection in York on Monday night, May 1.

According to York City Police, the accident happened around 9 p.m. at the intersection of East Market Street and North Harrison Street. Police confirmed that multiple vehicles entered the intersection at the same time due to reasons that are not yet known, including a transit bus. The vehicles collided with each other in a damaging accident that caused multiple vehicles to be removed from the scene by tow trucks.

Several responders, including York paramedics and fire crews, were dispatched to the scene to help those in need. Multiple parties sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash. The victims were hospitalized, though their conditions are not entirely known at this time.

Due to the severity of the accident, the roadway was blocked at the intersection for over an hour. This led to delays until the scene was cleared.

No further details have been released, but the investigation into the collision remains ongoing.

We want to extend our warmest sympathies to the parties injured in this collision with hopes of their full recovery.

Bus Accidents in Pennsylvania 

5/2 York, PA – Multiple People Injured in Bus Accident at E Market St & N Harrison St Though bus accidents are not the most common crashes that occur on our roads in Pennsylvania, they are some of the most severe when they occur. This is due to the fact that buses are some of the largest vehicles on our roads. According to statistics released in 2016, it was reported that over 4,000 buses were involved in Pennsylvania bus crashes that year alone. Out of these accidents, a large percentage of individuals sustained injuries. If you have been hurt in a bus crash that is not your fault, you should speak with an attorney who you can trust.

Buses are common carriers. This means that they are a special mode of transportation expected to take passengers from one place to another for a fee. Bus drivers are also supposed to utilize the utmost care to keep passengers safe from harm. In the event of a bus crash, many parties could be at fault. These include some of the following:

  • Bus drivers
  • Bus companies
  • Manufacturers of bus parts

If you have been hurt in a serious Pennsylvania bus crash, you should be prepared to speak with a dedicated York personal injury lawyer you can rely on.

Our attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are here to assist you after your life has been affected by a crash that was not your fault. Bus accidents tend to lead to severe injuries, which can impact your life for weeks, months, or even years to come. It is normal to feel alone and confused and left with a wide array of questions. You should have legal help on your side every step of the way as you navigate the complex Pennsylvania legal system. Please do not hesitate to contact a bus accident attorney in York at (215) 731-9900 to find out what we can do for you.

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