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York County Accident Injured Ten

York County Accident Injured Ten (Friday, November 24, 2017) On Friday evening a York County accident injured ten people and sent eight to local hospitals, no fatalities have been reported as yet but many of the injuries are described to be very serious.

In a report from EIN NewsDesk, the State Police of Pennsylvania have the accident under investigation.  The collision happened in Lower Chanceford Township, late in the 9 o’clock hour on Friday evening.  There were multiple cars traveling near the 4500 block on Delta Road when, according to initial police accounts, a sedan tried passing a pick-up truck which is illegal on this stretch of road as it was a no passing zone atop a hill.  In the process of the illegal passing attempt, the sedan hit the pick-up just before colliding head-on with an SUV.

The driver of the sedan was Nicholas Roth from Maryland, who had three passengers in his vehicle.  The pick-up was driven by Paul Astheimer from Quarryville and the SUV by Kimberly Fisher from Delta.  Ms. Fisher had five passengers in her SUV.

In addition to police, the Volunteer Fire Department from Airville was on the scene to help tend to the injured and help get them off to local hospitals.  All ten people in the SUV and sedan, the two vehicles that had the head-on collision, were injured and provided assistance on scene.  Eight of those injured were transported to local hospitals, several of the injuries were said to be severe but no details on the nature of the injuries was immediately available.  Fortunately, Mr. Astheimer was not injured nor was the passenger in his pick-up.

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