Wrist Injuries Commonly Resulting from Car Accidents

Wrist Injuries Commonly Resulting from Car Accidents

Because wrists are extremely delicate parts of the human body, injuries frequently occur in these areas when a forceful car accident takes place. Wrist injuries can be incredibly painful and cause many different types of symptoms, which can impact victims in many ways. If you have sustained one of these injuries in a Pennsylvania car accident, it is important that you speak with a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Common Types of Wrist Injuries in Pennsylvania Car Accidents 

Fractures: There are 27 bones in both the wrist and hand, which means that they are many areas that are at risk for wrist fractures in the midst of a car accident. When there is blunt trauma involved in a car accident, delicate bones are prone to suffering from serious breaks. Not only do broken wrists result from car accidents, but there are also risks for fractures knuckles, fingers, and hands.

Sprains: When ligaments that hold bones together are damaged in a car accident, this can lead to a sprain of the wrist. Sprains can easily lead to severe pain, swelling, and lack of movement in the wrist area. If sprains are not immediately treated following an accident, it could easily result in long-term damage.

Dislocations: Dislocated wrists happen when linked bones shift positions in an accident. When a driver grabs ahold of the steering wheel or dashboard to brace themselves in the midst of an accident, dislocations can easily occur. These types of injuries can damage the bones, ligaments, and nerves inside the wrist. 

Tendon Damages: Tendons link bones to muscles in the wrist. When there is a traumatic accident, tendonitis can occur in the wrist, which can lead to vast amounts of inflammation.

After You Have Suffered a Wrist Injury 

Wrist Injuries Commonly Resulting from Car AccidentsWrist injuries are very painful in some cases and can lead to serious symptoms like inflammation, numbness in the wrist, pain, and difficulty grasping items. After you have been injured in a car accident, no matter how severe you believe your injury is, you should always seek immediate medical treatment. You want to ensure that you are following your doctor’s prescriptions and rules for treatment so that you heal properly and recover from these serious injuries.

You want to avoid long-term complications resulting from wrist injuries, which means listening to your doctor and speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. Wrist injuries can be painful and disrupt many aspects of your life, which is why you do not want to work alone. You may miss time at work and experience a wide array of bills that you are unable to keep up with on your own, and you should have help paying for these matters.

Speaking with a Pennsylvania Accident Attorney

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve compensation after a Pennsylvania car accident that is not your fault. We have a successful record of helping injured victims achieve compensation for a wide array of aspects after an accident that is not their fault. You have options and should not have to stand alone at this time. Please contact an accident attorney in Pennsylvania for the help you deserve at (215) 731-9900.