Workplace Injuries by the Numbers

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November 22, 2017
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Workplace Injuries by the Numbers

Workplace Injuries by the Numbers

Workplace accidents are all too common these days and often have a devastating impact on the injured and their family.  Those injured by these accidents can be out of the workforce for weeks, months, years and in some cases may never be able to recover to return to work.  Many ending with fatalities.

The risk for workplace injury varies by industry and type of work.  For example, construction is a dangerous industry and as you would expect, the worker doing the construction is the statistical risk of injury compared to an executive sitting in an office.  Other industries such as mining carry great risks, not just in the nature of the work itself but the conditions where pollutants are consumed by workers that can lead to chronic injury and there are similar cases in transportation and manufacturing industries where there are lots of moving parts, machinery, and chemicals.

workplace injury lawyerThere has been great progress over the past 30 years with the advent of organizations such as OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) and a heightened corporate awareness brought on by the financial impact of workplace injury through lost time, insurance costs and litigation.

Here are some interesting numbers that create the picture of work-related injury and fatality in America:

In 2014, there were approximately 3 million, non-fatal work-related injuries or illnesses and nearly 5,000 fatalities in the workplace.

The causes of the fatalities break down as follows:

  • 16% due to workplace violence
  • 17% due to trips or falls
  • 40% related to transportation but not necessarily in the transportation industry
  • 8% due to exposure to harmful elements or a toxic environment.
  • 15% from equipment related matters and,
  • 3% due to fires or explosions.

The industry leading to fatal workplace accidents was the agriculture industry and you can likely see how transportation and agriculture go hand in hand.  Not far behind, is the construction industry with a 20% claim of all workplace fatalities.

On average, an injured worker misses 9 days of work and the highest affected age group is the 45-year-old or more demographic.  Earlier we mentioned the costs associated with workplace injury driving corporations to pay the issue more attention, well in 2014 it is estimated these costs were nearly $200 billion.  With OSHA and heightened corporate awareness, the number support progress with a drop of an average of 38 workplace deaths per day in 1970 to just 13 deaths per day in 2014.  Workplace injury and illness are also down nearly 70 percent.  All of this while the workforce has nearly doubled since 1970.

These are the figures but if it has happened to you get help and contact us today.

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