Workplace and Explosion Accidents

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Workplace and Explosion Accidents

The potential for accidents to happen always exists.  This holds true anywhere, especially in the workplace, as unaddressed or unseen dangers can exist that one does not expect.  Accidents in the workplace can occur as a result of a wide range of factors, including things like unsafe scaffolding, defective electrical wiring, equipment with damaged parts, or exposure to toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials.  Those who suffer injuries in the workplace tend to incur serious, life-threating injuries.  It’s not uncommon for workplace accidents to result in fatalities.  People that work in dangerous jobs, such as construction workers or oil rig workers, have an even higher work of sustaining injuries while on the job.  The US Department of Labor reports that of all worker fatalities in 2015, 21.4% were in construction.

Explosion Accident LawyerIt’s not uncommon for people who get injured at work to endure severe burns, spinal cord injuries, or traumatic brain injuries.  These kinds of injuries are referred to as “catastrophic” due to the fact that they can be difficult to diagnose, often get worse with time, can impact one’s ability to function well into the future, and require continual medical attention.  Catastrophic injuries more often than not have a detrimental effect on the injured person’s quality of life.  Someone that has sustained a catastrophic injury will often have a constellation of physical or mental complications that can prevent him or her from going back to work or performing at the capacity they did before the accident.


Explosion accidents

As one might expect, injuries caused by explosions tend to be significant.  Treatment for explosion-related injuries can be expensive and involve many hours of physical and psychological treatment.  Explosions happen in an unexpected, shocking, and violent fashion, and are traumatic events for most people.  In the event of explosions that happen at work, your employer or perhaps another third party might be responsible.  You may also be able to pursue pain and suffering damages in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

Potential ways an explosion accident can happen

  • Truck and vehicle explosions: thanks to our modern society and technological advancements that lend themselves to safer machines, it is rare for one to see a truck or vehicle explosion.  Yet they still do happen from time to time, and are almost always caused by an accident.  
  • Fuel tank and propane tank explosions: Explosions of fuel tanks are not something we hear about often, yet they also happen.  For example, a story came to light several years ago about a husband and wife who were pulled from their home, that had been reduced to rubble, after an explosion occurred.  The couple was fortunate to be alive after the explosion, and they suffered severe burns.  Heroic efforts on the part of their neighbors were credited to their survival.  
  • Industrial and commercial explosions:  A few years ago, there was an explosion in a boat repair facility.  Ten people were injured as a result.  Such an example demonstrates that industrial and commercial explosions can cause great damage to a group of people.

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