Winter Weather Conditions in Pennsylvania Drivers Should Know About

Winter Weather Conditions in Pennsylvania Drivers Should Know About

If you live in the state of Pennsylvania or are driving through during the winter, it is best to be prepared for the weather conditions. Pennsylvania can have inclement weather that includes ice, snow, and sleet, not to mention be incredibly cold. Knowing what to expect may help you better navigate the streets if you happen to be driving when the weather takes a turn and becomes dangerous.

What Winter Hazards You Should Look Out for In Pennsylvania

Winter Weather Conditions in Pennsylvania Drivers Should Know AboutConsidering that Pennsylvania can have very frigid weather with the high being in the teens at any time, driving hazards can come about unexpectedly. Driving during the winter in Pennsylvania can be very challenging and this is especially true when there are severe weather conditions. Drivers should be aware of the following perils that could exist in the state during the winter time.

Wintery Precipitation

When wintery conditions are present, they could include slippery sleet, thick fog, heavy rain, or blizzard-style snow. Not only does this make operating a vehicle safely more difficult, but these types of weather events can greatly reduce visibility for drivers.

Black Ice

The name black ice comes from dark ice that is not clearly visible. That is, ice that forms on the surface of roadways that is hard to see creates incredibly slick roadways. It is important to be aware of black ice and drive cautiously when the roads can look wet. There are certain areas that are more prone to black ice including overpasses and bridges, and also roads with little traffic. Early in the morning and late at night when temperatures can be their coldest will be times when black ice is more likely to be present.

Other Drivers

There are things that you can do as a driver to remain safe and reduce the chances you will have an issue when you are driving during precarious winter conditions. You can keep extra space between you and other vehicles, drive slower, clean your car and windshield and defrost it, or drive with your low beams on. However, you cannot make sure that everyone also drivers responsibly and adjusts their behavior for the conditions. Drivers that do not know how to drive in winter conditions, are overly confident in their driving abilities, or drive aggressively are a serious hazard when inclement road conditions exist.

If you are harmed in a car accident in Pennsylvania, during winter conditions or not, you may be able to file a claim to obtain financial compensation for your losses. To have your claim evaluated and to determine its value, consulting with an attorney experienced in car accident injury claims can be advantageous.

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