Why You Should Never Handle Your Car Accident Claim Alone

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Many people are involved in car accidents in Pennsylvania every year. If you have been involved in a minor car accident and you have not been injured and the damages were minimal, you might think you can negotiate your case on your own. However, you might find that it is impossible to handle your claim without the help of an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney on your side. Understanding how an attorney can provide everything you need after a car accident in Philadelphia can ensure you build the strongest case possible.

When Self-Representation is Possible

Many people find that they are able to self-represent in their personal injury claims. However, there are some aspects that will dictate if this is a smart decision in your case. One of the biggest Why You Should Never Handle Your Car Accident Claim Aloneand most important questions you must ask is how badly were you hurt? If you were involved in a very minor accident in Pennsylvania and only walked away with some bruises, you might prefer to represent yourself. However, somebody who received a traumatic brain injury and will need years of therapy as they recover should seek out the help of a car accident attorney immediately.

In scenarios where the other party is presumably at fault, you still need a car crash attorney to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

When You Should Run to the Aid of Your Attorney

More severe automobile crashes in Pennsylvania necessitate the help of an attorney to help you during this difficult time. If you have been involved in an automobile or pedestrian accident with serious injuries such as broken bones, hospitalizations, or long-term injuries, you should call an attorney at Edelstein Martin & Nelson immediately  If you do not, you could miss out on a wide range of opportunities and potentially be burdened with costly insurance, medical, and repair bills for the damages and injuries.

Another reason to have an attorney is when there’s a debate determining who is at fault in the accident. The other party may be to blame but they deny any major role in your car crash. For this, you will need the help of an experienced automobile accident attorney on your side to ask all of the important questions and help you receive real and reliable results.

In addition, any number of aspects can go wrong in your injury case. The police report might not accurately portray what happened at the scene, your liability insurance limits may be too low, or your insurer may be working against you. No matter what happens, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can help you retain your rights and protect your best interests in your time of need.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

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