Why Do Some Personal Injury Claims Take Longer Than Others to Resolve?

Why Do Some Personal Injury Claims Take Longer Than Others to Resolve?

After a car accident when injuries are suffered the most important thing that a victim should focus on is their health and wellbeing. As such, working on recovering to the fullest extent possible is always the goal. Though in some situations, the harm that a person suffers may be permanent and they will never be able to fully regain the optimal health that they had before their accident.  

While working on healing and regaining as much of one’s full health as possible, there are other tasks that should be considered, even if they seem daunting. One would be filing a personal injury claim against the party that caused the injury accident in the first place. This is because unintentional injury accidents like car accidents, for example, can result in many losses for a victim that can add up and be quite costly. Medical treatment, car repairs, and lost wages are all just a sampling of the expenses that a victim can incur.

Recovering as much compensation from a claim is essential in these situations. Victims that have been harmed by another party’s negligence in Pennsylvania can count on the Pennsylvania car accident attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson for sound legal guidance as they work through the personal injury claim process.

What Impacts The Time it Takes to Resolve a Personal Injury Claim?

Why Do Some Personal Injury Claims Take Longer Than Others to ResolveIf you were wondering how long it will take to get the compensation you need and deserve, from your personal injury claim in Pennsylvania, you would not be alone. This is a very common question and concern, and for good reason. The high cost of damages that can be suffered after an injury accident can put victims in a bad financial position that could jeopardize their and their family’s security and way of life. 

The best outcome for a personal injury claim is to be resolved in as short of a time as possible for as much as possible. But, there are factors that may play a role in prolonging the time it takes to resolve a claim. These include:

  • How a case comes to a conclusion will be the main factor in time to get to a resolution. For instance, a claim that settles out of court will come to a close far before one that has to go to court.
  • Insurance is a necessary part of life but not everyone carries it or has enough coverage should a catastrophe happen. Without insurance or inadequate insurance, the time that it takes to conclude a claim could be prolonged.
  • When the damages that are sustained from an injury incident are substantial, the claim that goes along with this situation will be much more complicated than when damages are minor.
  • The quality and experience of a victim’s legal representation matters. An attorney who is ill-prepared or lacks appropriate knowledge of how to successfully manage a personal injury claim will not meet the expectations of their client.

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