Why do Large Truck Accidents Happen in Pennsylvania?

Why do Large Truck Accidents Happen in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is comprised of 67 counties and has over 120,000 miles of roads and highways weaving their way throughout the state. In 2019, the state reported 125,267 motor vehicle crashes. As a result of these incidents, 1,059 people lost their lives while 76,243 people were injured. That year, 128 of the fatalities reported were related to heavy trucks. While all traffic accidents are shocking, often accidents that involve heavy trucks are quite devastating specifically when the truck collides with a smaller vehicle. In this scenario, it is generally the occupants of the smaller vehicle who will sustain the brunt of the damages.

It is critical that victims who are injured in Pennsylvania truck accidents obtain the compensation they need to help them pay for their medical care and to help them with the wages they lost due to their inability to go back to work. The Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are here for you when you are ready to explore your legal options for obtaining the most compensation after your accident experience.

What Factors Cause Pennsylvania Truck Accidents?

There are many vehicles that traverse the state of Pennsylvania on a daily basis. Even though large trucks don’t make up the majority of vehicles that are driving about, they are still a lot of them. While all cars have can impart major damages when involved in a Pennsylvania car accident it is these extremely heavy and massive trucks that pose the greatest threat. There are several factors that can lead to a Pennsylvania large truck accident, the most common include:

  • Trucks are harder to operate than smaller vans or cars, and they take quality training and experience to operate safely. Sometimes a truck driver’s training is lacking or they are novice drivers and make mistakes in judgment when it comes to handling their rig. 
  • Everyone, including truck drivers, is vulnerable to the many distractions that can take place while behind the wheel. Making stops and turns in a truck takes a high level of attention and skill. Trucks are prone to tipping and they need significant room and time to come to a complete stop. When a driver has their attention diverted the simplest error can lead to the most tragic consequences.
  • Drowsy, drunk, and inebriated truck drivers are a perilous threat on the road. Likewise, if a truck driver suffers a medical condition like a heart attack while driving they will be unable to control their vehicle.
  • Trucks require regular maintenance to be safe on the road, and if the truck hasn’t been cared for, it could malfunction and the truck driver may be unable to manage the vehicle.
  • Inclement weather must be navigated very cautiously in a truck. When a truck driver doesn’t account for the conditions of their environment they can lose control quickly.

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