When Are Car Accident Claims Public Record?

When Are Car Accident Claims Public Record?

It is natural to want to keep certain intimate details of one’s life private. This includes the desire to have one’s legal challenges kept non-public. However, if you were injured in a car accident, then it is imperative that you get all of the compensation you need for your damages. Car accidents can inflict significant losses for victims. Expensive medical costs, property damage repairs, missed wages, pain, suffering, and more can result in the aftermath of a crash. Filing a claim for compensation is a legal option that victims have to secure such damages but the details of such a legal suit may not always be private.

For help after a car accident in Pennsylvania, the experienced car accident attorneys in Philadelphia at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are dedicated to helping victims receive maximum compensation from their claims. Depending on how severe your accident was, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement amount.

How To Keep Your Car Accident Injury Claim Private

When Are Car Accident Claims Public RecordWhen you file your claim against the negligent party’s insurance, you may be able to come to the table and negotiate a fair settlement for your losses. If this happens, then for the most part, what takes place during those negotiations, the size of your settlement, and other details of your car accident claim can remain private. 

The insurance adjusters do not make paying victims robust settlements that accurately reflect their damages common practice. They will try to find ways to avoid having to pay damages or they will try to minimize the number of damages a victim has. When a victim has a seasoned attorney on their side advocating for them, getting to the right settlement amount can go much smoother. But nothing is ever guaranteed. If the insurance adjuster and the victim are unable to come to an agreement on a settlement then the case would likely go to court to come to a resolution.

In court, the details of your legal case will be public record. Everything from how much you are awarded if your suit is successful to how serious your injuries were and all other details of your accident experience will be available.

You may not want your information public, and understandably so. But, most personal injury cases like car accidents do not go all the way to court. They actually tend to settle outside of court more often than not. 

Though, where it makes sense to continue to fight in court to obtain the best possible outcome, knowing that your case will be accessible to the public should not be a reason to accept a settlement that is far below what your damages are worth. In the end, car accidents can have costly outcomes which is why it is important to get the highest amount of compensation from your claim.

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