What to Do in Case of an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle

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What to Do in Case of an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Trucking Accident - Law PAWith the constant flow of traffic soaring through busy streets, the cities of Pennsylvania are no different than any other city throughout the country. A high number of vehicles on the road only leads to the greater possibility of an accident, and in our fast-paced environment where the never-ending transportation of goods is a must, accidents involving commercial vehicles can always be expected.

In the event of such a crash, the very first steps you need to take are fairly similar to those of any other kind of accident, save for a few very important exceptions. Nevertheless, you are going to want to follow all the same precautions such as taking pictures and filing a police report. However, commercial trucking accidents are hardly the same as a regular car accident.

The Major Differences

In a regular motor vehicle accident, you will simple swap insurance information with the other driver, but in the case of dealing with a commercial vehicle, you are not just dealing with an insurance company. Commercial vehicles also involve a third party, being that of the company that owns the truck. This is one of the biggest differences, as well as the fact that the company has their own investigators, attorneys, and so on who will likely be dispatched to the scene of the crash immediately. Commercial trucking companies have a lot of overhead costs, and they need to protect themselves.

This makes it twice as important to have your own photographs and documentation. This also means you are going to need the best legal representation as most commercial truck companies have a well-organized and highly experienced team of lawyers on call. You can be absolutely positive that whichever commercial vehicle company you are dealing with; they are not going to make obtaining compensation easy.

Fighting for Accurate Compensation

If you think proving you are not at-fault in a regular accident can be difficult, commercial vehicle companies can make this task a nightmare. Commercial companies will employ every weapon of defense they have in order to ensure they are held liable for as little as possible. In all honesty, the largest problem with this besides the obvious financial battle is that accidents involving commercial vehicles tend to create a lot more damage than any other kind of accident.

Accidents with commercial trucks typically leave vast amounts of property damage that the company does not want to be responsible for compensating. Moreover, these accidents generally cause catastrophic injuries and of course, a company is not going to want to pay for your hospitalization, medical bills, lost wages, etc. All of this makes obtaining compensation terribly difficult, but it is not at all impossible.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we have a solid track record of obtaining all the financial compensation you deserve from your commercial trucking accident. Commercial vehicle companies have a lot of tenacity and the tireless ability to protect themselves in every possible way. The fight for compensation can be a long and treacherous battle, but you will feel safe and comfortable knowing you have the best legal representation in your corner. If you have been the victim of a commercial trucking accident, don’t hesitate to call 888-208-1810 today!