What Does the Trucking Industry Do to Protect Against Intoxicated Drivers?

What Does the Trucking Industry Do to Protect Against Intoxicated Drivers?

There are 2,500 municipalities in the 67 counties that exist in the state of Pennsylvania according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. In 2019, the more than 120,000 miles of roads that traverse the state were home to 125,267 traffic accidents. These accidents took the lives of 1,059 people while also injuring over 76,000 people. Heavy-truck related accidents accounted for 128 fatalities. There are several large commercial trucks that drive throughout and around Pennsylvania. Because of this, there are many commercial truck accidents in Pennsylvania

If you have suffered serious damages from a Pennsylvania commercial truck accident, it is important that you immediately connect with an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident attorney. Commercial truck accidents can involve multiple parties who are liable and an experienced legal team who knows how to examine all the unique factors that go into building a strong personal injury claim is necessary. Working with an attorney that does not have experience with commercial truck accidents could be detrimental to your case and may result in an unsuccessful claim or one that does not obtain compensation for all of the damages you suffered. The complexity of commercial truck accidents makes it necessary to have the right legal minds advocating on your behalf.

How Does The Trucking Industry Keep the Public Safe From Intoxicated Drivers?

What Does the Trucking Industry Do to Protect Against Intoxicated DriversThere are many factors that can cause a truck driver to crash with a smaller passenger vehicle or with an object and cause tremendous damage. A major issue in the trucking industry is drug and alcohol use. Because of this, there are specific guidelines that the trucking industry must follow to ensure that their drivers are not intoxicated when they get behind the wheel. These include:

  • When a driver has a blood alcohol content of more than .02 they will not be able to drive for 24 hours. This is a stricter requirement than it is for drivers of private passenger cars. 
  • Passing a drug test is required before one can be hired as a truck driver. 
  • If a commercial truck driver is involved in a traffic accident while they are driving for work they must have a drug test.
  • Commercial truck drivers must be subject to random drug testing per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s guidelines.
  • Should an employer believe that one of their drivers may be inebriated, they must not let that driver operate their truck. The drivers should be drug tested.
  • If a Pennsylvania commercial truck driver was suspended because they violated an FMCSA guideline, they must be drug tested before they can return to work.
  • Any truck driver who is caught with multiple violations of FMCSA regulations will have to have regular drug testing that comes back negative to continue to be eligible to work.

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