West Kittanning, PA – Car Rolls Over After Hitting Truck

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June 25, 2018
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June 26, 2018

West Kittanning, PA – Car Rolls Over After Hitting Truck

Motor Vehicle Crash Causes No Injuries 

West Kittanning, PA, June 24, 2018 – Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm, a hit-and-run almost took place. A male driving a regular four door vehicle crashed into a pickup truck and attempted to flee the scene. The male continued to drive up Pine Hill Road towards Butler Road when his car flipped over. The police discovered that there was a 12-year old child in the pickup truck. Fortunately, none of the passengers involved were injured. According to the police, the male refused a breathalyzer test. There are not enough details regarding the case; therefore, it’s unknown if the male will face any charges.

The car did not catch on fire or explode once it flipped over; however, the car still suffered severe damages. The bumper crumpled in, the rear view mirror broke off, the windshield almost shattered, and the hood dented. The tow company was able to flip the car over and remove it from blocking traffic. From the camera’s angle, the pickup truck looked damage free.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Although none of the passengers suffered any immediate physical injuries, there is a possibility that the passengers could still suffer from mental anguish, especially the 12-year old child. Because the male denied a breathalyzer test, that could imply that he was driving under the influence. Even though the male driver did not get away with a hit-and-run, he still attempted one. All three reasons are enough to file a lawsuit against this unidentified male for driving irresponsibility and putting others at risk.

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