Warrington, PA – Two Individuals Injured in Truck Accident on Folly Rd

Warrington, PA – Two Individuals Injured in Truck Accident on Folly Rd

Warrington, PA (June 6, 2023) – Two people sustained injuries in a truck accident that took place on a roadway in Warrington on Monday afternoon, June 5.

According to local officials, the accident happened in the afternoon hours on Folly Road around the area of Street Road and Pickertown Road. Police confirmed that a Volvo SUV was entering Folly Road out of the Legacy Oaks development when it was suddenly struck by a large truck that was traveling north. The SUV was struck on the driver’s side, leading to extensive damages.

Paramedics, fire crews, and several other responders were dispatched to the scene to help those in need. Two of the four occupants inside the SUV were seriously injured. The victims were transported to Abington Hospital for treatment of their injuries. It is not known if anyone else was hurt in the accident.

The roadway was blocked in the area for an extended period of time. This led to delays until the scene was cleared.

No further details have been released, but the investigation continues. Police will update with new information as it becomes available.

Our thoughts go out to the parties who have been hurt in this accident with hopes of a full recovery.

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania 

6/6 Warrington, PA – Two Individuals Injured in Truck Accident on Folly Rd Though large trucks are a necessity on our roadways, these vehicles are still involved in catastrophic accidents every single day on Pennsylvania roads. Trucks take goods from one place to another for consumers to purchase, keeping our economy booming. However, due to the sheer size of large trucks, they are capable of causing extensive damage in an accident. In 2015, it was reported that there were 7,465 large truck accidents in Pennsylvania, taking the lives of 130 victims. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, it is imperative that you act quickly to retain your rights.

Truck accidents can be incredibly complex matters. On top of the many laws that govern trucking companies, evidence can quickly disappear when it comes to these accidents and protections from major companies. There are many parties who could be at fault for a truck accident, such as the following:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Manufacturers of truck parts
  • Cargo loaders

Any one of these parties, or several parties, could be at fault for a truck accident. It is crucial that you speak with a Warrington truck accident lawyer soon after your accident.

Our attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are here to help you after your life has been turned upside-down due to a truck accident. We understand how devastating these accidents can be and offer our help and resources to you during these difficult times. Our attorneys will assist you every step of the way as you work toward the compensation that you deserve. These include damages like medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and so much more. You should never have to face the aftermath of a truck accident on your own. Please contact a truck accident attorney in Warrington at (215) 731-9900 to find out what options you have at this time.

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