Warrington, PA – Garbage Truck Collision Causes Injuries

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Warrington, PA – Garbage Truck Collision Causes Injuries

Garbage Truck Collision Traps Woman in Car

Warrington, PA (August 14, 2018) On Thursday, a garbage truck collision occurred involving a regular sized vehicle on Bristol Road and Guinea Lane. The collision caused a woman to get trapped inside of her vehicle until emergency responders could free her. Emergency responders then transported her to the hospital due to injuries. The severity of her injuries is unknown as of now. The truck driver obtained no injuries. Investigators are still determining what caused the collision and who is liable.

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

Garbage Truck Collision in Warrington

Because of the size and weight difference between trucks and regular vehicles, truck accidents are extremely dangerous. Drivers in regular sized vehicles almost always receive some type of injury, whether it be severe, catastrophic, or fatal. Severe and catastrophic injuries can be life-altering and impact injured victims in a negative way. Accidents can cause post-traumatic stress disorder and prevent injured victims from partaking in normal daily activities. Because the woman is suffering from injuries, she can file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

The most common cause of truck accidents is negligent driving. Texting, speeding, eating, conversing with a passenger, and driving under the influence are all examples of negligence. Truck companies have strict regulations that truck drivers must abide by when working. Truck companies forbid truck drivers to text while driving. They also require truck drivers to log all information pertaining to the truck during their shifts. Other causes of truck accidents include defective auto parts and bad road conditions.

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