Multi-Vehicle Accident Involving Police Officer and Tractor-Trailer

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Posted on March 15, 2018

On Wednesday morning, a multi-vehicle accident occurred in Philadelphia involving a police officer and tractor-trailer driver. Though the accident is under investigation so that they can look closer at the cause, it left a lot of debris on the roadway and the entire right lane was blocked. No injuries were reported just yet. Multi-vehicle accidents happen every day in Pennsylvania, with many causing serious injuries and claiming lives. It is important that you receive the damages you deserve if you were injured or had a drastic economic effect on your life.

Accidents Involving a Police Officer and Tractor-Trailer 

police officer and tractor-trailerLet’s look at 2 unique scenarios: Let’s say that the police officer involved in the accident was at fault and now owes compensation to anyone who sustained damages or had their vehicle demolished due to the negligence on their behalf. You want to be sure that you can show that the cop acted negligently in some way. Perhaps they were paying attention to one of the screens in their vehicle and had their eyes off the roadways, or they were unnecessarily speeding even though they didn’t have a call to attend to. If you’ve been injured in a collision with a police officer, you still have rights even though you may have to bring your claim in a shorter amount of time or have an attorney protect your rights.

If, however, liability falls onto the truck driver, it’s an altogether different story. Truck accident claims are very different from those involving other types of drivers because there are many regulations that dictate what they can and can’t do on the roads. Truck accidents tend to be extremely catastrophic based on the sheer size of their vehicle compared to small passenger cars. There are many parties that can be named in these accidents from the truck driver or cargo loader to the truck company or maintenance provider.

No matter what type of claim you are dealing with, if you have sustained damages in an accident, we want to speak with you as soon as possible. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have experience in a variety of cases and want to help you every step of the way. Call us as soon as possible at 888-208-1810.


Police Officer Involved In Multi-Vehicle Accident On Pennsylvania Turnpike