Van Rams Car and Crashes Into Swatara Township Building

                By on March 24th, 2018 in Accident News

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Van Crash in Swatara TownshipThis morning the township of Swatara in Dauphin County witnessed a perfect example of how negligent and/or violent people behind the wheel can cause some detrimentally serious damage. Motor vehicle accidents happen for many different reasons, and the victims and property damage that results can be severe. Today, a man named Christopher C. Forster Jr. proved specifically that.

According to police, Forster caused the crash that resulted in the van he was driving smashing into the Swatara Township building on the 500 block of Second Street near Cumbler. The accident was caused by Forster when he apparently followed a woman who was leaving her home and heading to work. Forster proceeded to ram into her car with the van after chasing her through the streets at speeds of nearly 60 mph.

Forster is being charged with stalking, aggravated assault by vehicle, as well as indirect criminal contempt. The good news here is that the woman who Forster was chasing sustained non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the crash. Nevertheless, besides her injuries, the crash also resulted in extensive property damage to her car, the company van that Forster was driving, and the building he destroyed.

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