Union Township, PA – Ambulance Involved in Wreck on I-81

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Ambulance Crashes into Semi-Trailer

Union Township, PA (July 15, 2018) On Sunday, around 1:00 p.m., an ambulance crashed into a semi-trailer on the I-81 southbound lanes in Lebanon County. The accident occurred between exits 85 and 89. Apparently, the driver navigating the ambulance did not see slowing traffic and did not brake quickly enough. The impact of the accident damaged the ambulance.

Another EMS transported a patient inside of the damaged ambulance to Hershey Medical Center for suspect of minor injuries. The driver in the semi-truck did not receive injuries. Officials have not released any identities.

Trucking Accidents in Pennsylvania

Truck accidents can be complex due to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Winning a settlement requires extensive knowledge of these laws; therefore, working with an experienced lawyer in truck accidents is essential to receive compensation for injuries. Because a passenger received injuries in this accident, there’s a possibility a personal injury lawsuit could be filed.

Most vehicle accidents are caused by negligent driving, which in this case, occurred with the ambulance driver. Negligence comes in many forms, including utilizing a cell phone, paying attention to something other than the road, talking to another passenger, eating, and more.

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