Understanding the Role of Insurance in Natural Disaster Property Damage Claims

Understanding the Role of Insurance in Natural Disaster Property Damage Claims

No one can ever predict how devastating a natural disaster can be. In the luckiest of situations, a natural disaster may be seen in the forecast giving residents in a specific location enough time to pack and leave. Then, when it hits, it could have less of an impact than what was expected.

However, natural disasters can also happen without much warning and leave devastation for individuals who are harmed. Since natural disasters cannot be controlled, planning in advance is essential. This is true especially if you live in an area prone to natural disasters.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania warns residents of the Keystone State they may have to worry about several different types of natural disasters including flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, wind and hail, tropical storms, thunderstorms, landslides, earthquakes, and extreme winters. This is why having the right insurance coverage for natural disasters in Pennsylvania is critical.

Using Insurance After a Natural Disaster 

Understanding the Role of Insurance in Natural Disaster Property Damage ClaimsDepending on the type of natural disaster that has affected you, your family, and your home, your insurance plan may or may not provide coverage or benefits. It is essential that you know what your insurance will help out with and what it won’t. For example, if you’re living in an area prone to earthquakes you will need to have a plan that covers damage from earthquakes. Simply having basic insurance coverage is not enough, specifically when it only is activated for other disasters unrelated to earthquakes.

If you do read your policy and are unsure about the totality of your coverage, then ask. Your insurance agent can answer your questions and clarify things so that you know if you have what you need or if you should purchase other types of coverage. Extending your coverage is a good way to ensure that the most likely natural disasters you could face will be included in your plan. You can purchase separate coverage for the specific type of natural disaster you would need protection from.

Once you have the right amount and type of insurance you still have a few things to do. The first is taking a home inventory, or documenting all of your property and establishing a record of your belongings including what they are worth. Additionally, you should regularly review your policy because if your needs change, you will have to update your policy to reflect those changes. Finally, having a safe and sound place to store your important documents like your insurance coverage can help you better get to them in a time of need.

Should you have to use your insurance after a natural disaster you must get int touch with your insurer quickly. The adjuster can help you start a claim. Taking photos and documenting how much damage you sustained is an important step to take before you start cleaning and rebuilding. If you have to make temporary repairs, you should do this and keep all financial documentation related to the costs you incurred during this time.

When your claim has been processed and it is time for you to receive your payout, how much you will get will be based on the terms of your policy.

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