Truck Collision on Highway Ends in Fatality

                By on June 20th, 2018 in Accident News

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Truck Collision on Highway Ends in Fatality

When an accident occurs, the degree of the injury can be anywhere from catastrophic to fatal. A motor vehicle accident can occur in various modes of transportation and all laws must be abided to help encourage driver safety.  On Tuesday, June 18, an accident took place on Route 22. The collision between a dump truck and two other vehicles occurred at approximately 2:20 pm. The South Whitehall Township was the scene of an emergency team rescue as reports confirmed that one person was ejected from a vehicle. Carl Acker II of Warren County was one of the members of the collision. The Lehigh County coroner’s office reported that Carl’s vehicle was hit on Turnpike’s Northeast extension.

The impact that ended Carl’s life, has not been granted more detail as to the circumstances of the accident. There has been no mention as to which vehicle collided first or how the dump truck was impacted. Turnpike accidents can have serious catastrophic injuries, in this case at least one person was hospitalized while the other lost his life.

Most collisions happen when there is some form of disconnect between operating a motor vehicle and maintaining alertness on the road. In these instances, negligence or reckless driving is considered to be a predominant underlying factor. There is no way to apologize for taking a life, investigators are currently working to define the cause of the accident that lead to Carl Acker’s death. In the event that noticeable negligence is established, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed by all victims involved.

Driving is a privilege that should be held with high accountability. The detriments of a car accident can have residual effects on the victims or parties involved. The traumatic effects of a car accident are encompassed by medical care, emotional and psychological healing, as well as financial strife that is felt by those injured. A study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) conducted a mass-scale examination to determine the residual effects of accidents in terms of compensation claims and settlement times. The study concluded that people who had an economic disadvantage were among the highest ranked for psychological distress associated with settlements and claim costs. When a person needs to focus on healing, help is available in the form of professional legal counsel. Motorists, drivers, and bystanders may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we understand the individual hardship that comes forth from experiencing a motor vehicle collision. In a case where multiple parties and vehicles are included, seeking the proper guidance is the best way to secure any benefit you may be entitled to. As members of this community, we make it our commitment to ensure lawsuits are handled appropriately and that victims receive the care they require. Allowing you to focus on healing is our priority. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a motor vehicle injury, call us today at 888-208-1810.