Trench Collapse Accidents in the Construction Industry

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Posted on March 12, 2018

Trench collapses have doubled recently over the past few years, and we want to make sure that all workers are offered protections in the workplace. With measures in place to easily prevent these accidents from happening, we ask ourselves a vital question: How do they continue to claim the lives of many every single year? Some of the reasons why include ignoring safety rules put in place for employees, lack of supervision on the job, the pressure to get the job done quickly instead of safely, and more. With Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and standards put in place, there should really be none of these accidents in America every year.

The Dangers of Trench Collapse Accidents 

There are about 5,703 deaths every year in the construction industry, making it one of the most unsafe industries in the entire world. However, every year employers still fail to take precautions to protect their employees even though the measures are out there. The best way to prevent these accidents is to take a look at the ones that have happened in the past and work toward a brighter tomorrow where workers are kept safe in every single way.

Construction jobs involve a trench being dug to install wires and pipes. Sometimes they are even used as a way to access someplace underneath a building that is being constructed. Usually, certain equipment in the workplace will perform this operation, such as backhoes, excavators, and more. However, when these accidents do happen in the workplace because safety was disregarded, extensive injuries and fatalities can and do result. This can happen for many reasons:

  • A trench being dug poorly, which can make it unstable for all workers who venture inside
  • Workers carelessly working in or around the trench, such as slipping and falling into the trench because of the ignorance of slippery ground
  • Failure to use protective systems

Every year, these accidents happen when workers or their co-workers act carelessly, or because employers do not understand how important it is for their employees to have protective gear around trenches. If a trench is bigger than 5 feet, which is typical in the construction workplace, you should always be wearing a protective system. This should be provided by the employer to ensure that the trench does not cave in on you when you are low in a trench or that you fall, breaking bones.

If You Have Been Injured

trench collapse accidentsIf you have been injured in a trench collapse accident, you were lucky to walk away, as many parties succumb to their injuries and die in trench collapse accidents every year. However, you may wonder how you can move forward during this time when the medical bills keep adding up. OSHA understands the safety measures that employers should be taking in the workplace so, if your accident occurred due to the negligence of your employer, OSHA should always be notified so that an investigation can take place and they can determine if there are any risks to future workers. You should also speak to an attorney about how you can recover during this time and sustain compensation for all of your needs. We want to talk to you as soon as possible about your case to make sure that you retain your rights during this time. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we care about your case and want to help you every step of the way. Give us a call to get started at 888-208-1810.