Top 5 Causes of Wrongful Deaths

Top 5 Causes of Wrongful Deaths

The loss of a loved one can be incredibly hard for the families and friends who are left behind to cope. When death comes unexpectedly, it can be even more challenging to make sense of things and work through the grieving process. Fatalities that result from negligence are some of the most difficult to work through because, most often, the loss of life did not have to happen. Unfortunately, individuals behave carelessly all of the time, even though this type of behavior can pose a great threat to others’ safety.

If you lost a loved one because of another person’s misjudgment and errors, in Pennsylvania, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim and secure compensation for your loss. Wrongful death claims are some of the most difficult for victims to navigate due to the tragedy that preceded them. Though victims who lost a loved one due to negligence have a right to take legal action and for help with their claim, consulting with an attorney can be beneficial. 

The Pennsylvania wrongful death attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP can provide legal assistance to family members pursuing a wrongful death claim for compensation.

Common Reasons Why Wrongful Deaths Happen 

Top 5 Causes of Wrongful DeathsThere are many things that can go wrong or errors made that can lead to a deadly incident taking place. Though, some situations produce more wrongful deaths than others. The following scenarios are some of the most deadly and are behind the most wrongful deaths each year.

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are a widespread problem throughout the United States. In Pennsylvania in 2021, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that there were 323 reportable crashes every single day that year, and these incidents produced 3 fatalities each day. That comes out to one person dying every seven hours. Distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving are common causes of deadly traffic accidents in Pennsylvania.

Medical Malpractice

Whether it is a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, birth injuries due to negligence, or mistakes during medical procedures, medical malpractice is dangerous and deadly. Each year as many as 19,000 medical malpractice lawsuits, on average, are filed throughout the country.

Construction Site Accidents

Active construction sites are some of the most dangerous environments to work in. Crushing incidents, toxic exposure to deadly chemicals, electrocution, or being hit by a vehicle are just some of the ways that deaths can happen.

Fires from Safety and Maintenance Failures 

Property owners that do not take care of their premises and who do not address hazards that exist make their properties dangerous for others that may enter. When a fire safety regulation is violated, and a fire happens, these incidents can have deadly results.

Defective Products

Dangerous and defective toys, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, and other products that consumers buy can be life-threatening when used.

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