The Worth of a Permanent Injury Following a Car Accident

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November 4, 2019
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November 5, 2019
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The Worth of a Permanent Injury Following a Car Accident

After a car accident, many people will face the reality of injuries on both minor and major levels. Permanent and long-lasting injuries are those that have a lasting impact long after the original injury has been treated as much as possible. Many of these injuries are disabling and can have a massive impact on a person’s life, which means that they might never be able to fully return to the normal life they once had.

Many people wonder how they can gain compensation that can help them move forward after a life-altering permanent injury. These injuries can affect everything that a person does and it is important to understand where they stand both physically and financially.

Different Types of Permanent Injuries 

The Worth of a Permanent Injury Following a Car AccidentTraumatic Brain Injury: TBIs happen in car accidents every single day and are some of the most severe injuries that occur. These can range anywhere from concussions to some of the more permanent injuries such as loss of cognitive function over time. 

Burns: Though some burns can also be minor, others can be quite permanent in nature. For instance, if you receive a third-degree burn that destroys both skin and muscle or covers a large part of your body, this can cause permanent damage. You could become permanently disfigured or experience impairment or lung damage.

Spinal Cord Injury: Another type of injury that can do serious damage to your body is a spinal cord injury. One of these injuries is capable of leaving a victim completely paralyzed as a result. A person could lose the use of their lower body or become unable to move certain parts of their body in the upper portions. 

Internal Injuries: Internal injuries are capable of causing permanent loss of function, inability to fight infections or inability to control your bladder and many other functions of your body.

Amputations: These injuries include a loss of fingers, hands, feet, and other body parts, which could impact the work you do or the activities that you tend to enjoy.

PTSD: This mental condition can actually be permanent in nature as well. You could experience trauma related to a car accident every day of your life and could require therapy to function normally.

Receiving Compensation for Your Permanent Injury 

As you can see, living with a permanent injury is not an easy thing for an individual to face on their own. Many of these injuries have defined costs that are associated with them when you determine aspects like medical treatment and other out-of-pocket expenses. However, because of the continued cost of disability and prospective future surgeries, not all of these aspects are as easy to determine. This is why an attorney will have to figure out how to reach the best settlement figure for you.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, our skilled car accident attorneys continue to assist victims in the midst of their accident claims. This is especially true for those who have been severely injured at the hands of negligent parties and may have to deal with the aftermath of an injury for the rest of their life. You don’t want to lose out on compensation opportunities, which is why it is essential to speak with an attorney if you have sustained permanent injuries. Please contact our attorneys in Pennsylvania for the help you deserve at (215) 731-9900.