The Role of Medical Experts in Personal Injury Cases

The Role of Medical Experts in Personal Injury Cases

It takes robust evidence when compiling a personal injury claim to win the highest amount of compensation. The more information and supporting documentation, the better. And, if there are professionals trained and experienced in a particular subject area who can be used as trusted sources for technical feedback, then this can benefit and support a claim. These individuals are termed expert witnesses. Expert witnesses are not individuals who were involved in the incident in question. Rather, expert witnesses are people with the education and expertise of a certain subject who can examine and evaluate a specific situation and provide a reliable and fact-based opinion on it. 

Expert witnesses can be used by both plaintiffs and defendants in a personal injury case. If you were injured in an injury accident and you intend to file a claim for compensation, you would be the plaintiff. Your case may be supplemented and supported by the opinions and testimony of an expert witness.

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What Can Expert Witnesses Do in a Personal Injury Case?

The Role of Medical Experts in Personal Injury CasesAn expert witness may provide their statements in writing or in person at trial. When an expert witness is used, they will examine all factors in a case. Then they will use their specific knowledge of a subject area and then break it down to either explain a situation and/or make it more understandable.

Most injury claims will settle without having to go to trial, but those that do see their day in court will want to have everything ready to strengthen their claim and weaken that of the other party in the suit. This is where expert witnesses are generally used and can be of great value. Respected expert witnesses that have training and years of knowledge can provide an opinion on a certain incident that could add greater credibility and believability to one’s case. This is the reason that, for the most part, the majority of injury cases that are litigated in court will have expert witnesses used by both defendants and plaintiffs.

Experts can be used for more than just medical issues. A medical expert would be able to discuss how the impact of a crash would have caused the extensive injuries that the victim claims they sustained, for example. Also though, an accident reconstructionist could detail how the accident happened, which could speak to who is at fault as well as answer other related questions. Finally, it may also be advantageous for an economic expert to explain the full amount of financial losses that the victim would experience as a result of their injury accident.

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An expert witness can provide greater clarity as to what happened during the personal injury event and how extensive the damages a victim suffered were. A medical expert can help make sure there is clear evidence of the extent of the injuries and the full scope of medical care required to bring the patient to maximum recovery. 

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