The Most Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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The Most Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse in PennsylvaniaThe elderly are among the most vulnerable citizens in our society. Because of that, it only serves us to understand their need for special care during the golden years. Unfortunately, there are many people working in nursing homes throughout the country who take advantage of them, and the state of Pennsylvania is not immune to this conduct. The inexcusable behavior of nursing home abuse and neglect, be it physical or mental, cannot be tolerated. Our injury attorneys have a passion for helping you and your loved ones hold abusers accountable.

The Four Kinds of Elderly Abuse

Physical abuse seems like the most obvious form of abuse, although mental abuse is just as common. Everyday nursing home patients are manipulated into things such as signing over their savings, etc. or otherwise subjected to other forms of mental abuse. Nevertheless, a host of different types of physical abuse are sadly commonplace as well. The most common forms of nursing home neglect and abuse are as follows:

Emotional abuse

Physical abuse

Mental abuse and manipulation


What to Look For

The signs for each of these should seem generally obvious, however, they often go unnoticed for many reasons. Those who have victimized by some form of emotional abuse will typically show dramatic shifts in the behavioral patterns. Sudden mood swings are a terribly common sign of emotional abuse. Depression, shyness, aggression, and high anxiety are good indicators that something is wrong and needs to be addressed, promptly.

Physical abuse comes in very obvious but also subtler ways as well. Injuries such as broken bones, large bruises, or sudden and unexplainable illnesses can be fairly obvious signs. Albeit, many victims go unnoticed by loved ones due to the type of physical abuse combined with inefficient communication abilities. Often times, abusive caregivers will cover up their actions by hurting the victim in hard-to-see places and limiting the abuse to injuries like minor cuts, small burns, and small bruises, welts, and the like. STI’s and STD’s are also common with physical abuse, yet unable to be immediately perceived. So always pay attention to behavior since victims of physical abuse will often exhibit the same abnormal behaviors as victims of emotional abuse.

The most common form of mental abuse and manipulation is for someone’s financial benefit. Many caregiver’s con victims into signing over power of attorney rights, or adding them as beneficiaries in a will. Usually, the victim will not know what they are doing, and so it is crucial to keep an eye on how your loved one is using their finances. Watch out for things like your loved one suddenly having less money, or that they aren’t being provided for despite having plenty of money.

Neglect is also unfortunately common, and this comes in many forms. It is vitally important to keep an eye on your loved one’s hygiene, weight loss, and missing items that are crucial to their health such as medications, glasses, etc. Bedsores and insufficient clothing are also signs of neglect. No matter what, any form of abuse is a serious issue that can lead to wrongful death or other detrimental health complications.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we value the vulnerable members of society, and we understand your desire to provide the best care possible for your loved ones. If you have any suspicions concerning any of these forms of nursing home abuse and/or neglect, please do not hesitate to contact our highly experienced attorneys at 888-208-1810 today.