The Difference Between Catastrophic Injuries and Minor Injury Claims

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May 7, 2018
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The Difference Between Catastrophic Injuries and Minor Injury Claims

Catastrophic Injury in PennsylvaniaBesides what can be obviously understood as an injury such as things like broken bones, which are extremely common in motor vehicle accidents, other injuries can be far more detrimental. When an accident leads to debilitating and life-altering injuries, the nature of the injury is listed under a whole new category, and this results in a whole new set of stipulations and claims. It is of unparalleled importance to hire an experienced and highly qualified injury attorney immediately after suffering any sort of serious injury in a car accident, although, knowing the differences in claims pertinent to the degree of injury, certainly helps.

Defining a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are defined as any injury that is so severe it can be considered life-altering. These are injuries that include things like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, paralysis, severe burns, and the like. While this might seem relatively obvious when it comes to the definition of differences between injuries, claims for compensation can be quite different and intricate. When an accident results in minor injuries, the victim typically suffers a short amount of time away from work alongside some moderate medical bills. These things can be expensive, and of course, you will likely be seeking compensation for your losses.

However, when an injury is defined as catastrophic, this brings in a whole new set of regulations. Your lost wages are more than likely spanning the duration of your life. You are now facing a need for disability insurance, and much larger medical bills are surely stacking up as well. Because of the severity surrounding your injury, you are now looking at a much more expensive claim for benefits. In turn, this creates a much lengthier process of litigation in order to determine the legitimacy of your claim and the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Continuing Benefits

The Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund (CAT Fund) is a fund that continues benefits for victims of extremely severe injuries. This is one major example of one of the differences between catastrophic injury claims and other kinds of injury claims. In Pennsylvania, one must meet a strict guideline of specific criteria in order to be eligible for these funds, and it is absolutely crucial to obtain such extended benefits when you are so severely injured that you are no longer able to work.

Of course, you will most likely be looking into disability insurance benefits after a catastrophic injury as well, and a good policy will ensure that your extended medical bills are well covered. In any event, there is truly no substitute for a qualified attorney who can explain the differences in injury claims to you, in depth. Finding the right Pennsylvania personal injury attorney will ease your mind and safeguard your claim.

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