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August 8, 2018
Slip and Fall Accidents in Pennsylvania

How Modified Comparative Negligence Works in Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Cases

Despite the claims of negligent property owners, no person ever enters premises with the intention of suffering an injury. When a person suffers an injury because of a dangerous property condition, usually in what is referred to as a “slip and fall” accident, it can be extremely confusing trying to figure out how to recover damages for the injuries. It is extremely common for a property owner who is accused of being negligent in the maintenance of the property to claim that a victim was the party responsible for his or her injuries. The insurance company for the negligent party […]
June 17, 2016

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer, Lawren J. Nelson, Settles Slip and Fall Case for $155,000

On May 24, 2011 the firm’s 41 year old female client (an independent cleaning contractor) went to the Defendants’ vacation home located in the Poconos to perform interior cleaning services. After arriving in the morning and cleaning the inside of the home with several other workers, the client exited the front door of the home, took a few steps and slipped and fell to the ground on the middle landing of a railroad tie and slate staircase located between the driveway and the front door. It had rained the day before this accident and the wood and slate walkway was […]