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June 24, 2018

Falls Township Accident Led to One Being Ejected From Vehicle

A Falls Township accident took place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania this week. A victim lost his life in the accident, which took place in the woods off of Route 1 SB. Police in Bucks County were called to investigate the scene after a serious accident took place that claimed the life of one. The crash, which happened yesterday, was deadly in nature. The victim was first taken to the hospital but has since been pronounced dead due to his injuries. The victim has been identified as Sean Stec from Levitttown. The 28-year-old was thrown from his SUV after he lost […]
January 18, 2018

What Happens if a Stolen Car Leads to a Car Accident?

Yesterday, a case in Lancaster could have turned from a criminal case into a civil case as it could have ended in serious injuries or an accident. A Lancaster man was arrested on charges of bounding his elderly roommate with an extension cord and driving off with the man’s debit card, cellphone, and car. Though the man did not cause an accident, many incidents of stolen cars end in disaster, with catastrophic injuries as a police chase begins. But what happens when you were injured due to somebody in a stolen car and their negligence? You have rights to recover. […]