Sustaining a Pelvic Fracture in a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident

Sustaining a Pelvic Fracture in a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania can be devastating for anyone involved. As soon as one of these accidents occurs, you may be feeling immense pain and wonder what will happen in your future. At the hospital, you are diagnosed with a fractured pelvis and know that there will be a long period of recovery before you. Injured victims have options and should understand what they will face before them.

Types of Fractured Pelvis Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents 

The pelvis has many bones, which means that it is prone to some of the most severe injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. There are several types of pelvis fractures that can occur as a result of a motorcycle accident:

Vertical Sheer Injury: When one-half of the pelvis shifts upward, this leads to a vertical sheer injury. These injuries can be life-threatening, as they can cause massive blood loss.

Open Book Injury: These fractures are called open book injuries because the pelvis opens like a book in the event of certain accidents. 

Lateral Crush Injury: These injuries occur when half of the pelvis becomes crushed inward or outward, putting blood vessels at risk.

Recovering from a Fractured Pelvis Injury 

6/8 Sustaining a Pelvic Fracture in a Pennsylvania Motorcycle AccidentDepending on the circumstances of the fractured pelvis, you could have a long road to recovery before you. There are many different factors that can factor into how well you heal including your age, health, and how severe your injuries are. There are two major types of recovery for those who have sustained these injuries:

Surgery: If the fracture is unstable or it leads to a massive amount of blood loss, it could require surgery. However, you never know if the surgery that you will require will be extensive or minor depending on your injury.

Non-Invasive Treatments: For some, surgery might not be your main option for recovery. If the injury is known as a stable fracture, this means that you may be able to heal on your own. However, this type of recovery can take an extended period of time and could impact your life in other ways. This is due to the fact that you may be forced to keep weight off of your broken pelvis for several months. Many people will require a wheelchair to get around during these times. You could also be put on several prescription medications including pain medication, blood thinners, and more. Many victims will also require physical therapy.

Speaking with an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident 

Because motorcyclists have no protection from harm in the event of an accident with a passenger vehicle, they can become severely injured in the event of an accident. After any type of Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, you should understand what options are available for you. You have a variety of options when it comes to your Pennsylvania personal injury claim. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we are here to assist you after you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Please contact an accident attorney in Pennsylvania at (215) 731-9900 for more information on how we can assist you.