Summerhill Township, PA – Semi Truck Crashes into Freight Train

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July 16, 2018
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Summerhill Township, PA – Semi Truck Crashes into Freight Train

Truck-Train Collision Causes One Injury

Summerhill Township, PA (July 17, 2018) Today around 12:00 p.m., a collision occurred between a pickup truck and a train on 19500 Canal Rd. The collision occurred at the intersection of a private driveway and the Canadian National Railway Company. The train was a three-engine, 71-freight-car carrying iron ore and heading south. There were two men in the pickup truck and they both suffered injuries. Both police officers and medical personnel were at the scene ready to help and investigate. A helicopter ambulance transported one of the injured men to UPMC Hamot Hospital for treatment.

It’s unclear what caused the accident; however, more investigation will determine who is liable and at fault. The driver’s name is Kevin Joseph Zebik, and the passenger’s name is Steven George Cianca.

Trucks Accidents in Pennsylvania

Truck accidents almost always result into some type of injury, whether severe, catastrophic, or fatal. Because a helicopter had to transport the injured victims, they are probably suffering severe injuries, especially since the truck they were in collided with a train. Depending on what investigators find, the injured victims could file a personal injury lawsuit on whoever is liable.

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