Slippery Rock Township, PA – Woman Wrecks Vehicle on Route 8

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Vehicle Wreck Leaves Woman Trapped

Slippery Rock Township, PA (July 12, 2018) On Thursday night, at approximately 9:35 p.m., a woman damaged her vehicle by crashing into a tree. The accident occurred along William Flynn Highway, also known as Route 8 north. The crash was so severe that her arm (or leg) somehow pinned, which trapped her in her vehicle. Firefighters used airbags and rams to remove her from her vehicle. The woman’s identity is unknown at this time.

The Pennsylvania Police are investigating the crash to determine why the accident occurred. It’s not specified whether there were bad road conditions or unsuitable weather conditions. It’s also not specified whether another vehicle is responsible for the crash.

Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

Most car accidents result in fatalities or catastrophic injuries. Because this accident caused the woman’s arm and/or leg to somehow pin, there’s a possibility she could be suffering from severe injuries. If an investigation discovers that another vehicle caused the crash because of negligent driving, then the potentially injured woman could file a personal injury lawsuit.

If a defective auto part is responsible for the crash, the woman could also file a lawsuit against the auto manufacturing company.

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