Should You Talk to an Attorney after a Fender Bender?

Should You Talk to an Attorney after a Fender Bender?

If a crash has to happen, one that is minor is always ideal. Fender benders may be better than catastrophic car accidents but that does not mean that they will not leave victims with serious damages. These incidents can cause destruction to your car and they can also cause you physical bodily harm. 

Sometimes, depending on the details of your car accident, your injuries may not be apparent right away. Whiplash is notorious for delayed onset symptoms. Still, whether your injuries are present right away or if they take a couple of hours to days to appear if you are injured in a car accident, then you will need medical attention. Medical attention does not come cheap and you may also have to take time away from work while you heal. All of these factors can become a heavy financial burden for you. 

After a car accident in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses like medical treatment for injuries, or repairs to your car. It may be possible for you to file a personal injury claim to obtain such compensation. For help throughout the claims process and to have your accident experience evaluated, the Pennsylvania car accident attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP can help.

Why Talking to a Lawyer After a Fender Bender Can Be Advantageous

Do You Need an Attorney After a Fender BenderAfter a minor car accident, you may either reach out to your insurance or be contacted by the insurance adjuster of the other driver. In talking with the insurance adjuster, you may be offered a settlement for all of the harm and losses you suffered. You think they are acting in good faith and it sounds like they are offering you a fair settlement so to keep things easy and to keep the process moving you accept.

The problem is when you start to look at your costs, your medical treatment, your missed wages, and your car repairs, the settlement you just accepted does not add up. It is far below what you need to pay for these expenses.  So you call the insurance adjuster back, but they are either hard to get ahold of or they outright tell you that they can not provide you with any more financial assistance because your case has been closed.

Accepting a settlement from an insurance adjuster almost always is the end of the case, particularly on their end. An adjuster will often try to connect with victims of car accidents as soon as possible so that they can get to them before the victim has the time to try and connect with an attorney. As a result, if the adjuster can talk to a victim without an attorney, they can either get them to say things that can jeopardize their claim or they can get them to agree to accept a very low settlement that gets the insurance company off of the hook for paying for the full amount of damages suffered.

Speak to a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Today

Working with an attorney after a car accident, even a fender bender, can protect your rights and safeguard you from dishonest insurance companies trying to take advantage of you. After a car accident, please call a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson to schedule a free consultation at (215) 731-9900. If you have a case to make a claim, your attorney at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson will fight to ensure you are fairly compensated.

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