Scranton, PA – Fatal Car Accident on Expressway

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One Person Killed in Crash

Scranton, PA (July 1, 2018) On Sunday night at about 10:00 p.m., an SUV was driving northbound on the Scranton Expressway when it rolled off the road, flew into the air, and crashed into the on ramp on a main street exit. Five people were in the vehicle. There were four adults and one baby. It’s confirmed that one adult was killed, but the remaining four passengers have been rushed to the hospital. The severity of their injuries is unknown, but from the looks of the damaged vehicle, the passengers might be suffering from serious injuries. The names of the passengers have not yet been released. More investigation will determine the cause of the accident.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, fatal crashes occur all of the time for many reasons. If this was a one-car accident, then there’s a possibility that the accident occurred due to bad road conditions. More investigation will determine the facts, but if this is true, the deceased passengers’ family can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. If the remaining passengers are suffering from any physical injuries, they can file a personal injury lawsuit.

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