Reading Township, PA – Crash Kills Passenger

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Reading Township, PA – Crash Kills Passenger

Passenger Dies in Teen Crash

Reading Township, PA (July 21, 2018) Early Saturday morning, around 6: 30 a.m., a crashed occurred on Carlisle Pike in Reading Township. A 16-year old teenager drove a 1990 Chevrolet when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road. The Chevrolet crashed into a pole. The passenger in the vehicle died at the scene. His name was Durland Webb and he was 55 years old. Officials state that the teenager suffered no injuries. Officials also state that it’s unclear whether the teenager will be charged.

The cause of the accident is unclear, more investigation will determine if the teenager is liable and at fault for the collision.

Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

No matter how precautionary drivers are, car accidents still occur more frequently than they should. Accidents typically occur because of distracted driving, which includes using a cellphone, chatting with a passenger, eating, putting on makeup, and/or driving under the influence. Completing these actions while driving is a form of negligence. Other causes for accidents include bad road conditions, dangerous weather conditions, and defective auto parts. Investigators will determine if the Chevrolet malfunctioned, or if there was an issue in the road that caused the wreck.

Depending on what investigators discover, a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed against the teenager.

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