Proving That an Individual Was Speeding in an Accident

Proving That an Individual Was Speeding in an Accident

Speeding accidents are happening more and more often throughout Pennsylvania every year. Thousands of collisions happen every year throughout the state due to speeding. If you can show that another party was traveling well over the speed limit at the time of an accident, you can be successful when you move forward with your claim. How will you show this as you move forward?

How Speeding Accidents Take Place in Pennsylvania 

There are two major ways that speeding leads to serious collisions in the state of Pennsylvania every year:

  • Speeding can make a driver lose control of their vehicle in the blink of an eye. When a driver is traveling over the speed limit, they could lose control and strike a bicycle, pedestrian, or another vehicle, causing a severe accident.
  • Speeding increases the amount of stopping distance as well. This means that it will take a speeding driver longer to stop. A driver could slam into the back of another vehicle traveling at high speeds, leading to severe harm.

How You Can Prove That Speeding Occurred 

At the center of your personal injury claim, you will have to show that the other driver acted in a negligent manner. By showing that excess speed led to your accident, you can gain the compensation that you deserve for a wide array of losses. Here are several ways that you can establish fault in the midst of a speeding accident:

Eyewitness Information: If there were witnesses to the accident, they can show that the driver was speeding at the time based on what they witnessed at the time.

4/26 Proving That an Individual Was Speeding in an AccidentPolice Reports: Police are called to the scene of an accident, especially one that has resulted in injuries. They will write what is known formally as a police report, which shows important information on how they believe an accident took place. They could even issue a citation, which will further serve as proof that another party was speeding when your collision took place. Police reports are some of the most important forms of evidence in the event of a Pennsylvania personal injury claim.

Testimony from an Expert: Experts such as accident reconstruction specialists can review the accident scene and try to ‘reconstruct’ what happened at the time of your accident. They might be able to get very close to determining how fast the other party was going at the time.

Speaking with a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney 

Being injured in any type of Pennsylvania car accident can come as a surprise and impact your life in a variety of ways. In the blink of an eye, your life could be turned upside-down as you are left with injuries and a road to recovery before you. Luckily, with the help of a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney, you can move forward with your claim knowing that your rights are being protected. Our Pennsylvania accident attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are here to assist you after a serious car accident that is not your fault. Please do not hesitate to contact an accident attorney at (215) 731-9900 for the help you deserve in your time of need.