Pittsburgh, PA – Motorcyclist Dies In Fatal Crash

                By on June 25th, 2018 in Accident News

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Collision Results In Death On I-376

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 24, 2018 – On Sunday afternoon, the state police reported a motor vehicle accident involving a truck driver and a motorcyclist. The accident took place in Rosslyn Hills on the I-376. Motorcyclist, Luke McGhee, was driving in the right lane when a truck driving in the left lane cut in front of him. McGhee crashed at full speed into the back of the truck. Due to the intensity of the crash, McGhee flew off his motorcycle and landed on the highway. McGhee was transferred to a local hospital but died due to his catastrophic injuries. He was only 37-years old.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Because McGhee suffered an untimely death caused by this fatal collision, his loved ones may want to file a personal injury lawsuit. More investigation will determine whether McGhee was in the truck driver’s blind spot, or whether the truck driver was not paying attention to the surrounding vehicles. Investigation will also determine whether McGhee had enough time to press on his breaks. McGhee’s loved ones can—and should—file a lawsuit if enough evidence proves that negligence was the cause of this accident.

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