Penn Township Accident Kills 20-Year-Old Man

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Penn Township Accident Kills 20-Year-Old Man

Penn Township Accident Kills 20-Year-Old Man

Penn Township Accident Kills 20-Year-Old Man (November 9, 2017) An early morning, two-vehicle accident kills a 20-year-old man and seriously injured a woman.  Both were from Selinsgrove.  A report from the Centre Daily Times indicated that the crash occurred just before 8 o’clock in the morning in Penn Township on Thursday.

Police at the scene shared a basic account of the accident.  Anthony D. Kratzer was driving his Ford Focus on Perkinson Road at what appears to have been an unsafe speed.  Perkinson Road is a 2-lane road with no lane markings.  While traveling around a curve in the road, his car veered into the oncoming traffic side of the road and his car collided with a Nissan Rogue driven by Felicia Marie Kaufman, 31.

Based on the damage to the vehicles, it appears that Kratzer’s front driver side bumper hit the front quarter on the driver side of Kaufman’s Nissan. Kratzer, in addition to driving at an unsafe speed was not wearing a seatbelt, he was pronounced dead at the scene.  Ms. Kaufman was seriously injured and was taken to Geisinger Medical Center by emergency medical services, the extent of her injuries are unknown.

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