Parking Lot Accidents: From Causes, to Liability, to What You Should Do

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Parking Lot Accident

You may be surprised to find that parking lots are a common ground for accidents amongst vehicle drivers. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 5 motor vehicle accidents takes place in a parking lot. You may think that, just because drivers have to drive carefully and use caution in parking lots, you have security from injuries. Thousands of motorists and pedestrians think the same thing every year, just to end up in an accident with multiple injuries.

What are some of the most common causes of parking lot accidents? A wide variety of them happen when a driver is quickly trying to take a spot, and fails to notice other vehicles and pedestrians around them. Another reason is having to pull into a parking lot and then having to back out of it when you leave, which could create many blind spots. Traffic laws do not play a role in parking lots, too, which means that drivers could take the opportunity to drive recklessly. Have you been injured through one of these accidents?

After Your Parking Lot Accident 

Parking lot accidents should be treated as seriously as any other type of vehicle accident. Just because it happened in a parking lot, doesn’t mean that it is any less serious. Here are some steps to take after you have been hit:

Receive Medical Attention: The first thing you should think about is you and everyone else on the scene who have been involved in an accident, and might need medical attention. Call 911 to get help with your injuries, as medical treatment is the most important aspect after you have been hit.

Call Police: The police should always be called so that you can obtain a report to show in your case when you are working toward injury compensation. Many injuries tend to not show themselves until weeks after an accident occurs, so it’s important not to miss these steps.

Gather Info: Try to get as much information as possible, such as the name of drivers and passengers involved, driver’s license numbers, insurance information, phone numbers, and vehicle license plate numbers. 

Document the Scene: Always take photographs to show many aspects of your case, from the vehicle damage, to the road conditions, to the injuries that you have received.

Talk to Witnesses: Find any witnesses who may have seen the accident happen. Maybe this includes surveillance, so that you can document the accident exactly as it occurred.

Who is at Fault?

Determining liability in these accidents is usually not difficult. It’s easy to see that, if you were rear-ended, a driver was following you too closely or not paying attention. Or, in cases where a driver was backing out of a spot and hit you, they are responsible because they should have noticed their surroundings before they started backing. If a driver turns suddenly in front of you to snatch a spot, they would be liable because they crossed over when and where they weren’t supposed to.

If you have been injured due to a vehicle accident in a parking lot, you may have questions. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we can help you in the midst of your personal injury claim. We handle a variety of car accident cases ending in various personal injuries, and want to see you get the compensation you deserve from a liable party. Call us today at 888-208-1810 for more.