Names Released of Family Killed in Crash on Friday

                By on March 25th, 2018 in Accident News

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Car Crash in DillsburgNews today in Dillsburg, PA comes as little comfort to the family members and loved ones who knew the victims of a car crash that happened on Friday, March, 23. Around 12:45 Friday afternoon, the people of Dillsburg saw devastation of the worst kind as a small family was killed in a car accident of the most overwhelming variety. Today, the names of the family members have been released.

The victims of the disturbing crash were Brandon Rayhart (32), Jennifer Edler (26), and the couples’ three-year-old daughter, Destiny Rayhart. All three victims were tragically killed during the accident that occurred in Carroll Township on Old York Road. Apparently, a Sport Utility Vehicle was moving swiftly down the road when the family car crossed their path. The reasons for the crash may still be unknown, but the results will be remembered as absurdly catastrophic, and there are no words that can properly describe this kind of tragedy.

Nevertheless, a five-year-old boy was released to a family member as a survivor, and word on the condition of injuries sustained by the member(s) of the SUV remains to be known. In any event, the only certainty surrounding this accident is that injuries were suffered by all those involved in the crash.

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