Motor Vehicle Flips Over onto Pedestrian in Chester

                By on June 2nd, 2018 in Accident News

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Car Flips Onto Pedestrian in ChesterFreak accidents occur all the time, although they don’t typically yield horrific results. Nevertheless, a man in Chester died today from injuries he received when a car happened to flip over on top of him. The Delaware County accident occurred in front of an auto body shop parking lot on the 900 block of Morton Avenue.

Currently, police are not saying whether the accident was caused by the body shop or if it happened to be a coincidence. However, a negligent motor vehicle operator was certainly responsible for the victims’ catastrophic injuries. Sadly, the injuries in this crash led to the wrongful death of the victim, regardless of whether there is a connection to the body shop or not.

Accidents that involve seemingly unaware pedestrians are among the most devastating. This is because of the sheer suddenness of such a crash. In any event, the negligent party must always be held responsible, no matter how accidental the mishap may have been.

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