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Massive Accident Injures Eleven

Massive Accident Injures Eleven (Churchill, PA.  November 17, 2017) Friday afternoon started with sheer terror for a line of cars in Churchill.  A massive accident injures eleven motorists as a heavy tractor trailer tanker plowed through a line of cars at a traffic light.

According to a report from EIN News Desk, the accident occurred at the intersections of Rodi Road and Nottingham Drive on the William Penn Highway.  An account of the accident was shared by police on the scene who described the damage as extensive.  The tractor trailer tanker apparently had exited Parkway East and as it approached a string of cars sitting at a red light.  The driver of the truck lost control of his heavy weight vehicle which transformed it from a truck into a battering ram, plowing cars together into an accordion like mess of metal and glass injuring eleven, some severely.

One of the drivers of a car involved in the wreckage, described a feeling of despair.  After hearing repeated crashing and popping sounds the driver said the vision of a massive truck plowing toward their vehicle was clear in the rear-view mirror with nowhere to go and no way to escape.

The truck had the logo of the Hinkle Trucking Company on its side door and detectives on the scene are investigating a possible mechanical problem with the truck as the driver of the truck indicated that his brakes failed and he had no way to stop the massive vehicle from the mess of metal and human injury it created.  The driver, unnamed, is cooperating with the police investigation which is ongoing.  There is also no indication yet if charges will be made as investigators want to make sure they have all the facts leading up to the wreck.

Of the eleven injured, nine required transport to local hospitals.  One of the injuries has been classified as serious.  No names of the injured have been released.

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