Man Struck and Injured by Train in Kirby Park, Edwardsville

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Major Injuries Reported in Edwardsville Train Accident

Edwardsville Train Accident

Man Struck and Injured by Train in Kirby Park, Edwardsville

Edwardsville, Pennsylvania (August 16, 2017) – A man was seriously injured Tuesday afternoon after being hit by a train near Kirby Park.

The incident happened at around 1:30 p.m. August 15, near the Black Diamond bridge. The train belonged to Norfolk Southern Corp and was traveling north to Binghamton, N.Y.

The unidentified man suffered major injuries and was rushed to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township.

The man, however, was conscious when he was found by the emergency crew. The man denied that he was hit by the train, but the train engineer confirmed the incident. The company’s spokesperson reported that the crew applied emergency brakes but was unable to stop the train before it struck the man.

The victim was identified only as a white male in his 20’s.

His medical condition was not immediately available.

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