Man Killed on Construction Site in Pennsylvania Turnpike, October 11, 2017

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Man Killed on Construction Site in Pennsylvania Turnpike, October 11, 2017

Another tragic event has occurred on our highways in Pennsylvania.  At approximately 4:15 am on Oct 11th, Mr. Robert W. Marchetti, 63 years of age, was at work.  Mr. Marchetti was part of a construction crew working on the Pennsylvania Turnpike nearby the Kittatinny Tunnel in Franklin County’s Fannett Township.  From Mr. Marchetti’s perspective, he was performing a task to earn a living which came to an abrupt end when a car, without warning, hit the bucket on the construction vehicle he was operating in a marked area for road work.  In the beat of a human heart, his vehicle was hit and he was thrown from it.  He did not survive the accident and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pennsylvania TurnpikeDriving in a car, was Peter Awadallah, 21 years of age with a companion, Gerald Licollari, 20 years old.  According to State Police, as Mr. Awadallah passed through the construction zone, his car struck the rear bucket of the backhoe sending both Awadallah and Licollari to the hospital where the two men’s injuries are described as non-life threatening.

But what actually happened and who is to blame?

Was the car traveling at an excessive rate of speed?  Was the driver overly tired or otherwise impaired and unable to react to a large construction vehicle operating in a construction zone?  Were the markings for the work site inadequate or were the lights used to light up the area for workers, blinding to oncoming drivers?  Could this accident have been prevented?

What is for certain is that yet another accident has occurred on our streets leaving one man dead, landing two others in the hospital and three families severely affected by this event all facing uncertain futures in the wake of this sad event.

Are you or someone close to you experiencing similar uncertainties?  In this case alone issues of wrongful death, unsafe work environment, negligence, automobile accident, catastrophic injury, and construction accidents are in play.  Given that one family has lost a wage earner and two others have injuries that required hospitalization, there will be real costs and these parties will need protection and legal assistance.

If ever you find yourself in a situation such as this or experience harm at the hand of another, do not be complacent; protect yourself by calling Edelstein, Martin & Nelson.  Our area of specialty is the wide domain of personal injury which has many forms and names.  Moreover, you may learn in speaking to us that there are responsible parties that may not be obvious to you.  As an example, in the situation detailed above, it may come to be understood that none of the injured parties are responsible for that terrible accident and in fact the construction company hold responsibility for the accident, injuries and passing affected upon the parties in this event for not securing or properly ensuring the safety of both passengers passing by in their cars as well as the staff onsite conducting work.  A good lawyer will help you to understand these complex issues.  Call us at 888-208-1810 so we can help you with your case.