Man Injured After Car Crashes into Truck Transporting Asphalt in Carpentersville

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Man Airlifted after Carpentersville Crash on Route 25

Carpentersville Crash

Man Injured After Car Crashes into Truck Transporting Asphalt in Carpentersville

Carpentersville, PA (July 26, 2017) – A truck transporting asphalt collided with a car in Carpentersville. The driver of the car had to be airlifted to a hospital by a Flight for Life helicopter.

The crash happened before 11:30 am while both vehicles were headed south on Route 25, right before the intersection of Route 68, where the car rear-ended the truck, police said.

The man driving the car was air lifted to a hospital by a Flight for Life helicopter from the parking lot of the Dundee Township Park District Family Aquatic Center at midday Monday.

The man’s injuries were not life-threatening and the driver of the truck was not injured.
Six departments worked smoothly together to get the man out of the car and into the helicopter, police said. They were Carpentersville Police and Fire Department, East Dundee Police assisting with the call and East Dundee and West Dundee Fire Department.

The staff at Dundee Township Park District’s Dolphin Cove Family Aquatic Center instantly cleared the parking lot of the Center which was close to the area of the crash.

The accident still remains under investigation.

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