Lower Mount Bethel Township, PA – Two-Vehicle Collision on Route 611

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Lower Mount Bethel Township, PA – Two-Vehicle Collision on Route 611

Two-Vehicle Collision Causes Fatality

Lower Mount Bethel Township, PA (August 5, 2018) On Sunday afternoon, a two-vehicle collision occurred on Route 611 near Lower Mud Run Road in Northampton County. Officials state an 81-year old man named Anthony Sabella backed out of his driveway when another vehicle crashed into his. Unfortunately, Sabella suffered fatal injuries. The other driver obtained no injuries.

Vehicle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Two-Vehicle Collision in Pennsylvania

The most common causes of collisions are speeding, driving under the influence, using a phone, or focusing on something other than the road. These are all examples of negligent driving. Negligence is responsible for thousands of fatal car accidents every year. No one deserves to lose their life because of the carelessness of another person. It’s unfortunate that Sabella lost his life in this collision. His family could pursue a wrongful death case with the help of an attorney. Although filing a lawsuit does not supplement the life of their loved one, it could provide financial assistance with funeral expenses.

All drivers have a duty to pay attention to their surroundings. Being distracted for as little as a few seconds can alter someone’s life forever. Even if the injuries aren’t fatal, they can still be severe or catastrophic.

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