Legal Advocacy for Motorcyclists: How Pennsylvania Law Firms are Making a Difference

Legal Advocacy for Motorcyclists: How Pennsylvania Law Firms are Making a Difference

There are thousands of motorcycle crashes in Pennsylvania every year. Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents often result in considerable destruction, physical bodily harm, and death. Recently, over 200 people lost their lives as a result of a deadly motorcycle accident in the Keystone State. 

Legal Advocacy for Motorcyclists: How Pennsylvania Law Firms are Making a DifferenceSince Pennsylvania is a state with many registered motorcyclists and also a state that others come to visit and go for a ride there are many motorcycle accidents that take place every year. Due to the little surrounding protection and minimal safety gear that motorcyclists have, when a crash happens, motorcyclists usually suffer extensive damage. In such instances, a victim of a motorcycle accident may be entitled to a considerable amount of financial compensation.

However, taking on the personal injury claims process alone and without an understanding of one’s rights and Pennsylvania motorcycle laws could result in obtaining little to no compensation. Instead, working with an attorney who can accurately value your case and who knows how to manage motorcycle accident claims can be beneficial.

As experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyers, the team at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP understand how serious these cases can be and how important it is to secure the full amount of compensation to recoup losses. Given the many motorcycle accident cases that have come into Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP, the legal team knows how devastating these incidents can be and as a result, are fierce advocates for motorcyclists’ rights and safety.

Alongside other motorcycle safety advocates and groups pushing to improve the lives of motorcyclists, Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP is pleased to report that May has been declared Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Pennsylvania. Lawmakers in the state, encouraged by support from the community, have taken the time to remind drivers that motorcyclists will be on the roads and deserve the same respect as other vehicles. Sharing the road and obeying traffic laws is essential to keeping everyone safe. A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation urged riders and drivers to work together to minimize fatal motorcycle accidents.

Recognizing the risky nature of motorcycle accidents and the need for everyone on the road to obey the laws and be respectful of all motorists, makes this declaration a good start to improving motorcycle safety. By itself though, it is not enough. Despite the known safeguards that helmets provide, Pennsylvania is a state that does not require them for all drivers. Helmets are optional for riders who are 21 and older if they have been licensed for two years or if they have successfully completed a motorcycle safety education course. Passengers can choose whether to wear a helmet as long as they are 21 years of age and older. 

More work to strengthen safety protocols and rules can be advantageous and save lives. This is why Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP will continue to stay in the fight and be active in promoting outreach programs and improvements in the local laws.

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