John Simko, Jr., Infant, Killed in Carbon County Accident

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Posted on March 3, 2018

After a crash in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, it was determined that an infant lost their life. The driver of the vehicle, John Simko, 21, lost control of his vehicle after passing a tractor-trailer and driving through a puddle on the road. The car proceeded to hit a concrete barrier and was then hit by the tractor-trailer in southbound lanes. Each person in the vehicle was taken to the hospital, including a child. The coroner announced that 2-month-old John Simko, Jr. passed away Friday at the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest.

Determining Fault and Moving Forward With a Claim

John Simko, Jr.Just as in cases involving 2-month-old John Simko, Jr., sometimes it is difficult to lay out exactly what caused an accident. Though not all the details are as clear as some accidents, what if the tractor-trailers in the accident played some role because they drove over the yellow line, or what if the puddle on the road caused the vehicle to hydroplane? Who is at fault in accidents such as these?

The truth is, every accident is different and, when multiple parties are involved and a life has been lost, sometimes investigations must take place to determine if any parties played a role in causing the accident. If somebody has acted negligently and it has led to a serious or life-threatening accident, you may have a case.

Our thoughts are with the family of John Simko, Jr., at this time. Have you or a loved one been injured or lost their lives in a car accident and you need legal help on your side? We can help you from start to finish in your case at Edelstein Martin & Nelson. Call us today so we can get started on your case at 888-208-1810.


Infant Dies Following Crash on Turnpike in Carbon County