Joel J. Bitanti, 47, Injured In 2-Car Crash in Greensburg

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Joel J. Bitanti

Joel J. Bitanti, 47, Injured In 2-Car Crash in Greensburg

Greensburg, Pennsylvania (September 1, 2017) – A man sustained minor injuries in a two-car crash in Westmoreland County on Sunday, according to state police.

The crash occurred at 2:19 p.m. August 27, on Route 30 in Southwest Greensburg.

A man identified as Joel J. Bitanti, 47, of Brownsville, driving a Chevrolet Cavalier was stopped on a merge lane from Route 119 waiting to travel east on Route 30 when a vehicle could not stop in the merge lane and struck Bitanti’s car.

The other vehicle then left the scene and fled east on Route 30, according to police.

Bitanti suffered minor injuries in the crash. It is not known if two female passengers of 12 and 16 years in the vehicle were hurt.

Limited details regarding the description of the suspect’s car were available.

State police are still looking into the incident to determine its cause and liability.

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